Have Your Say on 2020 Budget Priorities

The Town of Conception Bay South understands that you care how your property tax dollars are spent. We invite you to use our interactive budget tool to help us understand your priorities on various civic services.

Building a budget requires balancing affordability for taxpayers and delivery of services that residents expect. The Town must determine what matters most and make choices between what the community wants and needs with what we can afford.

This is an opportunity to suggest how municipal spending should be prioritized.

The interactive budget tool helps you to understand how the budget process works, and allows you to see the immediate impact of changing funding on service levels. From this interactive tool, you’ll learn:

1) How your tax dollars are allocated among services.

2) How changes to funding will affect service levels.

3) The challenges of balancing property tax increases and desired service levels.

Your participation and input will provide us with helpful information to support the 2020 budget process. The results of the exercise will be reviewed by Council and shared with the public as part of the budget process.

Thank you for your participation!

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Fire Department

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The Fire Department provides fire protection and rescue services for residents and community members. The Town’s two fire stations are staffed by officers and firefighters who provide 24/7 coverage. Last year, the Fire Department responded to approximately 1,200 calls.

Would you increase, decrease or maintain funding for the Fire Department?

Humane Services - Animal Protection & Welfare

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Humane services is responsible for animal control, pet licensing and adoption, and investigation of animal abuse, roaming and other related animal activities.

Would you increase, decrease or maintain funding for Humane Services?

Snow Clearing

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The Town strives to provide an effective and efficient winter control program for residents and the traveling public by condition monitoring, anti-icing/de-icing, snow clearing, sidewalk snow clearing and snow removal. Municipal workers are responsible for clearing 237 km of public roads, 31 km of sidewalks, and 75,000 m2 of public/parking lots. With the current full fleet in operation, it takes approximately 8 hours to clear the entire Town. Last year, the town invested additional funds into snow clearing, which allowed each 8 hour snow clearing shift to have approximately 2 to 3 additional operators and 48 hour weekend on-call coverage.

Would you increase, decrease or maintain funding for Snowclearing Services?

Road Maintenance

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The Town operates and maintains approximately 480 lane kilometers of road infrastructure. Services range from asphalt maintenance, shouldering, ditching, maintaining traffic lights, pavement marking, as well as sidewalk, curb and gutter repairs. Local roads comprise most of the Town roads, with a few collector roads connecting the provincially-owned roads, such as Conception Bay Highway and Topsail Road to Peacekeepers Way and Manuels Access.

Would you increase, decrease or maintain funding for Road Maintenance Services?

Waste Collection & Recycling

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This service is responsible for curbside waste and recycling collection, bulk waste collection, and disposal at a waste and recycling management facility. The Town uses automated waste collection, which is a cleaner, safer and smarter way to collect garbage. This type of residential collection service reduces the amount of waste going to the landfill and also the Town’s operational health and safety costs.

Would you increase, decrease or maintain funding for Waste Collection & Recycling Services?

Recreation Facilities

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There are a number of recreational facilities located throughout the Town for the enjoyment of residents and visitors. Our facilities include a the Recreation Complex, which features a pool and a squash court, the Robert French Memorial Stadium, the Conception Bay South Arena, as well as and numerous ball fields, parks, playgrounds, tennis courts and a volleyball court. There are also many green spaces and T'Railway access locations throughout the Town.

Would you increase, decrease or maintain funding for Recreation Facilities?

Recreation & Leisure Services

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Year-round, the Town hosts an array of special events, recreational programs, and activities for all ages and abilities. The Town plans and organizes a week-long winter and summer festival (Winterfest and the Kelligrews Soiree, respectively) to promote community pride, healthy living, and tourism. Other services include, but are not limited to: child day camp programs, walking programs, skating and swimming programs, seniors bus outings, and celebrations for Canada Day, New Year’s and Christmas.

Would you increase, decrease or maintain funding for Recreation & Leisure Services?

Bylaw Enforcement

Your choice

The Enforcement Division is responsible for investigation and enforcement of Town regulations, including the waste disposal and property regulations, anti-litter regulations, building regulations, fence regulations, snow clearing regulations, noise and nuisance regulations, etc.

Would you increase, decrease or maintain funding for Bylaw Enforcement Services?

Maintenance of Buildings & Facilities

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The Town strives to ensure its buildings and sites are maintained in the best possible manner for the enjoyment of everyone. This include building upgrades, painting, as well as maintenance of fire alarm, sprinkler and mechanical systems. Other maintenance items include exterior grounds maintenance, such as mowing, fertilizing, and planting of trees/shrubs, and maintenance of the dog park. All recreational sites (ball fields, soccer fields, tennis courts, skate park and beach volleyball), are regularly groomed and prepped for all users.

Would you increase, decrease or maintain funding for Maintenance of Buildings & Facilities?

Senior's Tax Incentive

Your choice

The Senior’s Tax Incentive is a 5% property tax discount available to taxpayers who meet the criteria outlined in the senior’s tax incentive policy.

Would you increase, decrease or maintain the Senior’s Tax Incentive?

Low Income Tax Reduction

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The Low Income Tax Reduction is a 10% Property Tax Reduction offered by the Town to low income families, or a 20% Property Tax Reduction offered by the Town to senior citizens who are in receipt of the Guaranteed Income Supplement, and who meet the criteria outlined in the Senior’s Discount Policy.

Would you increase, decrease or maintain the Low Income Tax Incentive?

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